1. Are you open on the weekends? No. Our office is closed; However, there are cram courses that are held on the weekends.
  2. How long are my completion certificates good? 180 days from the completion date (including weekends & holidays).
  3. If you allow your completion certificate to expire, what do you do? You will need to return to Morton-Barber Learning Center and repeat the entire course again.
  4. Can I come back and sit in on the class that I have already taken? Yes, it has to be within 6 months and there is a $100 review fee. If it has been over 6 months, you will have to pay the full price.
  5. I took a self-study course with Morton-Barber Learning Center and now I would like to take the live class, can I get a discounted price?  Yes. there is a $50 discount, if you have registered/taken the self-study within the past year.
  6. I have a disability, Can I take a class or an exam with your school? We have nothing in place for that currently.
  7. If you require assistance of any kind with your state exam: contact PSI directly.
  8. Do I have to be a resident of Ohio to be able to take a class with Morton-Barber? Yes, you must be an Ohio resident to complete the Pre-Licensing Life & Health or Property & Casualty class. FINRA series classes are offered to students of any state. For CE Classes or Seeking CE Credits it is required that you live in a state we are approved in.
  9. I noticed when I checkout online for a class, it takes me to a Paypal checkout but I don’t have Paypal or want to use it? Don’t worry! Click the button that says proceed to paypal, but just checkout as a guest. As long as you don’t log in or create a log in, you are simply using the paypal site to assist with the processing of your order with us.
  10. What do I need in order to receive CE Credits? You need to have a NPN (National Producer #) by day 1 of class or you will not be able to receive credits.
  11. I know I have CE classes to take but what do I need? You can check on your status and how many you need remaining by going to: www.insurance.ohio.gov & viewing your transcript. In order to fulfill the requirements for license renewal, every 2 years you must complete 24 hours of CE credits and 3 of those hours have to be Ethics.
  12. I paid for Property & Casualty or Life & Health online exams where do I find them? We assign the simulator code to you from our office directly. We can mail/email or give to the student on day 1 of class. The simulator code is provided in addition to instructions on how to access your online exams.
  13. I paid for online exams with my Series class where do I find them? The online exams for all Series classes come from STC (Securities Training Corporation). You should receive your questions by email only. Make sure you check all inboxes, spam, and trash folders. Your email will say “Your STC Info” and will provide log in information to gain access to your exams.
  14. How long is the state mandated fingerprinting (background check) good for Life & Health/ Property & Casualty with the ODI (Ohio Department of Insurance)? 12 months. AAA Background Checks comes here on certain days during each class time out of convenience to the student. Should you choose to not do your Background Check with us, we recommend going through AAA. It is required that your fingerprinting is sent to the ODI before you take your state exam. Typically, an onboarding background check with an employer is not valid.
  15. What is the recommended time frame for finishing a class with Morton-Barber & taking state exam or FINRA exam? Within a week. Most individuals prefer to take exam as soon as possible while the information is fresh.
  16. How do I schedule my FINRA exam? go to www.prometric.com & contact a Test Center Location near you.
  17. How many times can I retake my State exam? As many times as you need to, but each exam has a pre-determined waiting period involved. Go to psiexams.com & click Government/State Licensing Agencies for further details.
  18. How much does it cost to take the state exam for Life & Health or Property & Casualty? $49.95 each time you take the exam.
  19. Will the state test center take and keep my completion certificates when I take the exam? Only if you pass. If you fail, the test center will give you back your completion certificates to  use the next time you take the exam.
  20. What happens if I forget to bring my completion certificate to the state exam? The testing site will not allow you to take your exam, and they will keep your payment of $49.95.
  21. If I need to cancel and reschedule my state examination, how long of a notice do I need to give? 3 full business days or you will lose the fee.
  22. For the Life & Health or the Property and Casualty classes, do I need to be in attendance for the entire time period? Yes, you cannot miss or be late. The ODI (Ohio Department of Insurance) requires that you make up any missed time during the next available classes being offered. You will not receive completion certificates if all 40 hours are not achieved.
  23. What are the hours for your classes? Life & Health 40 hour classes, Property & Casualty 40 hour classes,
    and all FINRA Series classes run from 8:00am-5:00pm Monday-Friday.
    Weekend Cram classes run from Friday 5:00pm-9:00pm and Saturday & Sunday from 8:00am-5:00pm. If you are a Life only student: You attend Monday-Wednesday from 8:00am-5:00pm.
  24. I’ve heard other students mention pizza & doughnuts being provided? Pizza is provided to students in all day CE Classes only. Doughnuts are provided on the last day of every class- as a graduation present from us!
  25. Can I bring my lunch? There are coolers provided for student use.
  26. How do I dress? Casual. Classroom can be cool, a light jacket is recommended.
  27. Someone told me about the SIE (Securities Industry Essentials) classes that are now being required will I have to take it if I have passed my Series 6 or 7? No, This introductory class is only required to students who are brand new to the industry and have not taken Series 6 or 7. If you have taken either exam and passed it, you don’t need to take SIE.
  28. Do I have to take both the Series 9 and Series 10 on the same day? It is up to the individual. The candidate may choose to take both exams on the same day or each part at different sessions. You may also choose which exam to take first. Regardless of when each exam is completed, the General Securities Sales Supervisor registration will not be approved until the candidate passes both exams. Note, that if both exams are not passed within two years of each other, the one taken and passed will be invalidated.
  29. What is the difference between the General Securities Sales Supervisor Exam (Series 9/10) and the General Securities Principal Exam (Series 24)?  The General Securities Sales Supervisor Examination (Series 9/10) is a limited principal examination. It qualifies an individual to supervise sales activities of a broker/dealer. The Series 9/10 qualifies the branch manager to supervise sales activities in corporate securities (equity and debt), investment company products and variable contracts, municipal securities, options, government securities and direct participation programs. The General Securities Sales Supervisor Exam does not allow the sales supervisor/branch manager to supervise other areas of a member’s securities business, such as underwriting, trading, or overall firm compliance with financial responsibilities.
    The Series 24, qualifies a candidate as a general securities principal for FINRA. By passing the Series 24, the candidate can supervise all areas of the member’s investment banking and securities business, such as underwriting, trading and market making, advertising, or overall compliance with financial responsibilities. While the scope of the general securities principal’s supervisory authority is broader than the Series 9/10, the Series 24 is limited in the products that it covers. The general securities principal qualification does not cover municipal securities or options.