Long Term Care Partnership (Refresher CE) Class


Long Term Care Partnership (Refresher CE) Class

Long Term Care Refresher Course for those who need to renew their certificate.

This course is designed to fulfill the four-hour ongoing training requirement for long-term care insurance and long-term care partnerships developed by the NAIC and adopted by many states.  It does this in two ways:

The course reinforces and enhances the initial LTCI/LTC partnership training. The concepts and information presented in the initial training are reviewed and supplemented with additional content. All topics required by the NAIC model for both the initial and ongoing training are covered.

In addition, this course serves as an update to the initial training.  When training began, partnerships were new, and there were still many questions about how programs would be implemented and how certain matters would handled by the states.  Many of these issues have now been resolved and addressed by state regulations, and in Section 4 of the course we provide an extensive discussion of possible situations and the rules that apply.  An in other sections of the course, we bring students up to date on trends in long-term care, innovations in long-term care insurance products, LTCI market trends, and developments in other LTC funding methods.

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